Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve(Camp)

Government of India has designated Pachmarhi area as Biosphere Reserve in 1999. Spread over in about 5000 sq. km covering three wildlife conservation units this area exhibits variety of geological rock and soil formations. It is a natural junction of two most important timber species viz. Teak and Sal and is often referred as express highway of species diversity between Eastern Himalyas and Western Ghat, the two biological hot spots of India. Pachmarhi remained small and un-spoilt long after independence, somehow escaping the feverish, chaotic development that overtook all the Himalayan hill stations. Together with the adjoining sanctuaries and the nearly contiguous tracts of forest this area forms one of the largest and best tiger habitats in India. Ironically, as its reputation as an unspoilt wilderness grows, the pressures on the region to "develop" into a tourist haven are beginning to spiral beyond control. 

Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India has made EPCO Nodal Agency for management of Pachmarhi Biosphere Reserve. Under this project besides conducting studies on environmental and ecological issues, EPCO is formulating various small schemes for overall improvement of the area. EPCO has also prepared project document for Amarkantak and efforts are afoot to notify this area as second Biosphere Reserve of the State.

Last Updated On:11 Jun, 2021