EPCO Institute of Environmental Studies (EIES)


We teach individuals to explore environmental issues,

engage in problem solving,

and take action to improve the environment.


EPCO Institute of Environmental Studies (EIES) of EPCO is implementing a Post Graduate Diploma on Environment Management (PGDEM) since 2011-2012. The course has been designed to familiarize the students about various environmental issues and key challenges, rules and acts for environmental conservation, solid and liquid waste management, EIAs, pollution and environmental quality management etc.


Because of its uniqueness, the course has proved to be of immense use for the people desired to obtain jobs in industries, laboratories, academic institutes, social welfare organization, environmental legal cells, ETPs, STPs, WTPs and sanitation & hygiene sectors. In last couple of years students from multidiscipline backgrounds including basic sciences, engineering, commerce & management, urban planning etc. have successfully completed their Post Graduate Diploma and many of them have already established themselves in various fields of their interests.

Last Updated On:24 Nov, 2020