Consultancy Cell

Consultancy Services

EPCO has consultancy cell for providing consultancy services in environment related areas to enhance the activities and to make organization self sustainable. Presently there are about 24 consultancy firms empanelled in EPCO for providing consultancy services. The sectors covered under Environmental Management works assigned by EPCO are:-


·         Environmental Management plan

·         City Development plan

·         Sate of Environment (SOE)

·         Environmental Impact and Risk Assessment

·         Natural Resource Management

·         Solid and Liquid Waste Treatment & Management

·         Energy Conservation

·         Forest and Wildlife Conservation

·         Sustainable agriculture

·         Conservation on Water Bodies (Rivers, Lakes, Wetlands etc.)

·         Climate Change/Global Warming

·         Eco-tourism /Sustainable Tourism

·         Environmental planning and Monitoring

·         Ecology/Ecological Sanitation

·         Environmental Health Hazards

·         Industries and Mining

·         Environment Education, Training and Awareness

·         Environmental Pollution

·         Green and Clean Technology

·         Environmental Chemistry/ Toxicology

·         Environmental Informatics

·         Urban/Regional Planning

·         Bio-technology

·         Rural Environment

·         Water supply

·         Urban and Rural Development

·         GIS and Remote Sensing Application for environmental studies.

The work on the any of the environmental project agreement is signed between both the parties on mutually acceptable conditions on works and responsibilities. The project implementation is done by EPCO and selected consultancy firms separately or in joint venture. The Consultants / Firms are empanelled in EPCO throughout the year.


Last Updated On:11 Oct, 2021