Management Aspects

The Urban Development and Environment Department, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh is responsible for implementation of Management Action Plan (MAP) of Pachmarhi, Achanakmar-Amarkantak (MP Part) and Panna BRs. The State Government has appointed Environmental Planning & Coordination Organization (EPCO), Bhopal as Nodal Agency for preparation and implementation of Management Action Plan. Executive Director, EPCO is the Director, BR for the notified BRs in Madhya Pradesh. The Govt. of MP has constituted State Level Steering Committee (SLSC) under Chief Secretary, and main line state departments being member of the committee. The Executive Director, EPCO is the member secretary of the committee. For implementation of the project activities related to various departments/ organizations at district level, a District Level Coordination Committee (DLCC) has also been constituted under chairmanship of respective collectors, the line field departments/ organizations being members of the committee. The Officer-in-Charge, Biosphere Reserve is member secretary of the committee.


It is almost in the centre of 6A. The total area covered by Pachmarhi BR is 4981.72 km2. Out of which the core zone covers 1555.23 km2. It comprises three protected areas viz. Satpura National Park (524.37 km2), Bori (485.72 km2) and Pachmarhi (439.15 km2) Sanctuary and area of RF & PFs (105.99 km2). The buffer zone is extended in an area of 1785.58 km2 and transition zone comprises of 1640.91 km2 area.


Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt of India has recognized Environmental Planning and Coordination Organisation (EPCO) as Lead/ Coordination Institutions for Pachmarhi and Panna BRs for collection, compilation and dissemination of research based information and to coordinate with research Institute and BR managers as per aims and objectives of the Lead Institution project. It is also responsible for preparation of Project Report for getting it recognised by UNESCO, MAB-net. Accordingly the research based information are collected, compiled and published in the form of Biosphere Reserve Information Service (BRIS).


Initiatives for conservation and development of BR area


Various initiatives have been taken for conservation and management of biodiversity in BR areas by implementing various projects through different departments, organizations, schools and NGOs. Projects related to Habitat Improvement, Eco-tourism, Socio-economic upliftment and livelihood, social welfare activities, Awareness, education and training of local stakeholders, school students and teachers, promotion of non-conventional energy, value addition activities, short term study have been implemented through various implementing agencies under the Management Action Plan of BRs. Implementation of various activities related to Livelihood Development, Habitat Improvement, In-Situ/Ex-Situ Conservation, Rehabilitation of Landscape, Eco Tourism, Awareness Campaign, and Nature Camp can be highlighted as success stories of BRs. Some of them are Construction of Ponds for providing Water to Wildlife, Conservation and Management of Old Lake at Pachmarhi, Promotion of Sericulture, Promotion of Lakh, and Cultivation of Medicinal & Economically important plants in order to conserve the plant species, In-situ Conservation of Biodiversity Rich Areas & Rare/Threatened Species, organization of Nature Camps for school children etc.


Last Updated On:07 Oct, 2021