environmental campaigns

Environmental Campaigns

a)  Green Ganesh Campaign


To reduce the pollution in water resources due to idol immersion, EPCO has been conducting Green Ganesh Campaign since 2016. Under this campaign Ganesh Idols are prepared by earth soil instead of conventional Plaster of Paris (Pop) and decorated with natural colours. Students, Teachers and General Public are made aware about the advantages of small sized idols over big sized idols.

Main objective of the campaign is to sensitise common people, especially school going children about the pollution caused by idol immersion in water bodies. Also, this campaign sends out a message for non usage of harmful chemical colours and use of small sized Ganesh idols. Green Ganesh Campaign has been conducting regular training and workshops at public places and different educational institutions from last four years for students, teachers and general public.


b) National Environment Awareness Campaign


The NEAC is a programme of MoEFCC launched with the objective of creating environmental It was launched in the year 1986. EPCO has been discharging the responsibility of coordinating and monitoring the campaign activities of the approved participating organizations. Every year a national theme for NEAC is chosen by the MoEFCC. Participants get grant of up to 30,000/- to conduct awareness and action oriented activities. 

Last Updated On:24 Nov, 2020