Eco City

Eco Planning for Ujjain City


Ujjain is an important religious town of india where lakhs of pilgrims congregated during the kumbha in May 2004. This project has all the ingredients of envireonmental and planning issued ranging from regional planning, conservation of historical monuments, Re-planning of movement systems, conservation and environmental managements of Urban waterbodies, solid waste management, ground water recharge and roof harvesting 


Ujjain Eco-City

     Client - CPCB,Ujjain Municipal Corporation

     Area - 2.0 Sq.Km.


  • Landscaping
  • Traffic & Transport (Road Widening & new road designing)
  • Solid Waste Management

     Cost – 
            Phase-I - 12.0 Lakh

            Phase-II- 21.0 Lakh

Last Updated On:16 Mar, 2021