National Lake Conservation Project (NLCP)

National Lake Conservation Project (NLCP)

Government of Madhya Pradesh was appointed our organisation as nodal agency or Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) or Environmental Improvement & Conservation of Sagar Lake, Sagar & Shivpuri (Madhya Pradesh) for abatement of pollution from various sources of pollution and environmental improvement under National Lake Conservation Plan (NLCP).

Under the National Lake Conservation Schemes of Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India, two lakes of MP have been sanctioned. Shivpuri Lakes, Shivpuri and Sagar Lake. Environmental Conservation & Up gradation of Shivpuri Lkes, Shivpuri


Project Background

Sanctioned under National Lake Conservation Plan by MoEF. Duration of project is Two Years.

Includes works related to abatement of pollution from various Point & Non-Point Sources into the Lake and Lake Front Development Works.

On behalf of State Govt. EPCO is the Nodal Coordinating body in Madhya Pradesh.

Proejct Area Profile

  • There are three lakes (Jhadav Sagar, Chandpatha & Madhav Lakes) located in a cascading manner & joined by a nalla.
  • The Jadhav Sagar is First in the series and is subjected to maximum pollution load.
  • Chandpatha and Madhav Lakes are located in the Forest Area hence all the major works are proposed in the upstream non-forest area.
  • The entire Shivpuri town is located in the catchment area of the Shivpuri lakes. The population of Shivpuri town as per census 2001 is 1,46,892.

Existing Scenario

  • The entire sewage of the Shivpuri Town drains into Jadhav Sagar Lake through a single Nalla.
  • The overflow of Jadhav Sagar Lake flow into Chandpatha Lake through Karbala Nalla.
  • The lake is silted and heavily infested by aquatic weeds (eutrophication). The water quality of the lake is highly degraded due to discharge of Sewage into the lake, indiscriminate disposal of Solid Waste, Dhobi Ghats, Open defecation, idol immersion, Trapa (Sindhada) cultivation, cattle wallowing etc.

Total Cost for the Project & Cost Sharing

  • The total cost if the Project is Rs.51.99 Crores. project cost is to be borne in the ratio of 60:40 by the Central and State Govt. of which 10% is to borne by the implementing agency i.e. Municipal Council, Shivpuri.

Project Components

  • The Project envisages laying of Sewage network, construction of Sewage Pumping Station, Sewage Treatment Plant (of 20 MLD capacity), De-weeding, De-silting, Storm water drains, Catchment Area Treatment, Lake front development for the stretch I&II, Low cost sanitation/ Toilet Blocks, Chain Link fencing, Bathing Ghats, Floating Fountain, Monitoring of Waste water quality, lake water body, ground water and solid waste and Public Participation & Awareness campaign.

Project Management Consultant (PMC)

  • M/s Multi Mantech International Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad has been placed with Shivpuri Municipal Council for technical facilitation as per Terms of Reference (TOR) (w.e.f.18/12/07).

Project Monitoring

The State Government has constituted State Level Empowered Committee; district level Steering Committee and Technical Evaluation & Tender Approval Committee (TETAC) for Monitoring of the project for timely execution of the project.


Last Updated On:16 Mar, 2021