EPCO is a unique organization in terms of the foresight and the width of its mandate. 

Over the past 40 years, EPCO has brought out scientific publications like State of Environment reports and formulation of State Environment Policy and has helped the state in taking informed decisions though these publications. The USP of EPCO is its ability to prevent silo thinking in environment planning and act as an environment problem-solving intermediary and hence it connects government as well as non-governmental agencies in solving the environmental problems.

The mandate of the organization can be summaries as follows.

  • Assist and advice the Government of MP in formulation and implementation of environmental policy for the state.
  • Create public awareness with regard to environmental aspects
  • Assist and advice Government of MP and other agencies in the management of human environment
  • Offer consultancy services in regard all matters pertaining to environment
  • Liaise with other national and international agencies working in the field of environment


To fulfill this mandate, EPCO has divided its functions and activities broadly into these following eight categories –

  • Environmental Policy related matters
  • Environmental Research Studies 
  • Environmental Management Projects 
  • Environmental Planning and Urban Designs
  • Environmental Consultancy Services 
  • Environmental Education, Training and Awareness 
  • Environmental Statutory Activities 
  • Environmental Research Lab and other research activities


Last Updated On:06 Oct, 2021